Daily Chinese Lessons

This course is dedicated to build your real-life communication skills in Chinese. It consists of 6 levels ranging from complete beginner level to advanced. Topics in this course include greetings, shopping, ordering at a restaurant, taking taxies, booking a hotel, and more!

standard Chinese course level chart
basic Chinese level 1


Designed for learners who have no or very limited Chinese language skills.

Upon completion, you can understand very simple Chinese, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies.

basic Chinese level 2


Designed for learners who can use very basic Chinese, applying it to daily conversations in a simple and direct manner.

Upon completion, you will be able to convert on familiar topics. You can interact in a simple way provided the speaker speaks slowly.

basic Chinese level 3

Lower Intermediate

Designed for learners who can meet the demands of most communicative tasks with a lack of fluency and accuracy.

Upon completion, you can communicate in Chinese at a satisfactory level in your daily lives. You can describe experiences, events and briefly give reasons and explanations.

basic Chinese level 4


Designed for learners who can handle most Chinese conversations in a relatively fluent manner.

Upon completion, you can speak Chinese fluently on a wider range of topics. You can understand the main ideas of complex Chinese conversations on most topics.

basic Chinese level 5

Upper Intermediate

Designed for learners who can talk about matters and express themselves in a Chinese way of thinking.

Upon completion, you can use Chinese flexibly and effectively without obvious searching for words. You can also read Chinese newspapers and give a speech in Chinese.

basic Chinese level 6


Designed for learners who have excellent and precise expressions in Chinese, but want to go one step further to be native.

Upon completion, you can easily comprehend both written and spoken Chinese in the most complex situations. You can express yourself spontaneously and precisely.

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