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In this episode of “Bite the word”, we are going to learn a new word which is related to an animal – 牛. 吹牛 (chuī niú)。“吹”,the first tone, blow; “牛”,the second tone, cattle. “Blow a cow”? Can you blow a cow and let it move? Definitely NO! So, don’t brag! 不要吹牛!


吹牛 (chuī niú)

You may ask: Horses or sheep are heavy too. Why don’t you say ‘blow a horse or a sheep’? Well. Actually,“吹牛” is the abbreviation of “吹牛皮”. “牛皮”means cowhide. In ancient China, people thought cowhide cannot be blown into a round shape, because cowhide is too firm and too big. So if someone say: I can blow a cowhide, he must be bragging. In Chinese, we use “吹牛” or “吹牛皮” to describe a man who always talks big regardless of reality.


Dialogue 1

wǒ yǒu shì jiè shànɡ zuì hǎo de qì chē.

A: 我有世界上最好的汽车。

I have the best car in the world.


bié chuī niú le , kuài qù xiū chē bɑ !

B: 别吹牛了,快去修车吧!

Don’t brag. Your car is waiting for you to repair!



Dialogue 2

Linda shuō tā de nán pénɡ you hěn shuài

A: Linda说她的男朋友很帅。

Linda said her boyfriend is very handsome.


 tā jiù ài chuī niú , tā ɡēn běn méi yǒu nán pénɡ you !

B: 她就爱吹牛,她根本没有男朋友!

She is very good at bragging. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend!


Video explanation:

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