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As a respond to Wen Zhang’s loving affair, his wife Ma Yili wrote in her microblog:


liàn’ài suī yì jiéhūn bú yì, qiě xínɡ qiě zhēnxī

恋爱虽易, 结婚不易, 且行且珍惜

Being in love is easy, being married is not. Cherish along the way.


The exposure of Wen Zhang’ affair made many people question whether there is still true love because Wen Zhang has always been figured as a family man. At the same time we saw how forgiving and broad-minded Ma Yili is. For a period of time, Wen Zhang was seriously criticized. Fortunately, however, this story had a happen ending: When Zhang reflected on this matter and remade a proposal to Ma Yili who accepted with happy tears in her eyes.


To be tolerant and forgiving as Ma Yili may be hard for us, but to be able to write poetic sentences maybe not. Now let’s see how those thirteen words got popular and how it is used.


In the sentence, “虽 suī” is short for “虽然 suīrán”, meaning “even though”. It is often used together with “但是”. The whole structure “虽然…, 但是…” means “Even though…, …”.


tāmen suīrán méiyǒu hěnduōqián, dànshì hěn xìnɡfú.

他们 虽然 没有 很多钱,但是 很 幸福。

Even though they don’t have much money, they are very happy.


tā suīrán méi dé dìyì mínɡ, dànshì yě hěn kāixīn.

他 虽然 没 得 第一名,但是 也 很 开心。

Even though they didn’t win the first prize, they are also very happy.


In the second part of the post, we can understand “且” as “一边”, which indicates two actions taking place at the same time. So, “且行且珍惜” refers to “一边走,一边珍惜” (yìbiān zǒu, yì biān zhēnxī) – to cherish what we have while going on with life or to cherish along the way.


Ma Yili’s post is actually quite poetic. You can appreciate more examples with the same sentence patterns.

yīnɡjièshēnɡ, bìyè suīyì, qiúzhí búyì, qiěxínɡ qiě zhēnxī .

应届生:毕业 虽易,求职 不易,且行 且 珍惜。

Fresh graduates: To graduate is easy, to find a job is not, cherish along the way.


báilǐnɡ:shēnɡcún rónɡyì, shēnɡhuó búyì, qiěxínɡ qiě zhēnxī.

白领:生存 容易,生活 不易,且行 且 珍惜。

White-collars: To be alive is easy, to live a life is not, cherish along the way.


Do you know its meaning now? If you have a question with this sentence, leave us a comment or ask our teacher in our skype Chinese lessons!

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