Top 8 Chinese Street Foods

Without a doubt, China is one of the most adventurous countries when it comes to eating street foods, 路边摊 (lù biān tān). Both residents and travelers are able to come across amazing foods along the streets of every Chinese city. Now let’s begin counting down the top 8 most famous Chinese street foods!


  1. Of all the street foods in China, 煎饼果子 (jiān bǐnɡ ɡuǒ zi), or Chinese Crepes are the most famous. It originates from the north, but is now popular across the country. Made of thin fried egg base, lettuce leaves, a scatter of scallions, a smudge of rich chilli sauce, Jianbing Crepe not only looks nice but tastes delicious. It is one of the most common street foods eaten for breakfast in China.


煎饼果子 [jiān bǐnɡ ɡuǒ zi, Chinese Crepes]

  1. 肉夹馍 (ròu jiá mó), which is also known as Chinese Hamburger is the most featured food in China’s Shaanxi Province. Literally, it is translated to “meat pinched between mo (bread)”. Unlike the one served up at your local Burger King, Rou Jia Mo is something to be relished – the bread is chewy, and the pork inside is soft, tender and fragrant. Even after eating one, you can still taste the hearty juices lingering in your mouth!


  1. 糖葫芦 (tánɡ hú lu), or Sugar-coated Hawthorn is a very traditional snack that first appears in China’s Song Dynasty. Made of sugar-coated haws which are skewered onto a long thin stick, Tang Hu Lu tastes both sour and sweet. Nowadays, Tang Hu Lu is made of all sorts of candied fruits, such as strawberry, orange, pear, etc.


  1. 烤串儿 (kǎo chuàn) or simply串儿 (Chuanr) are known as Chinese barbecue. Chuanr are pieces of roast meat (pork or mutton) skewered onto thinly-cut bamboo sticks. Traditionally, Chuanr are made from lamb which is called羊肉串儿 (yáng ròu chuan) Lamb Meat Chuanr, but now pork, beef, and various types of seafood can also be used. Of all types of Chuanr, Xijiang Chuanr is the most famous one.


  1. 烤红薯 (kǎo hónɡ shǔ), or Roast Sweet Potato is one of the most popular Chinese street food in north China, where the weather can be extremely cold in winter. The best 烤红薯 can only be made from professional ovens. A bite of the sweet hot 红薯 in winter can not only drive away the cold, but delight your heart.


烤红薯 [kǎo hónɡ shǔ, Roast Sweet Potato]

  1. Because of its “like-it-or-hate-it” feature, 臭豆腐 (chòu dòu fu), or Stinky Tofu is the most controversial food in China. Despite the fact that it smells stinky and looks disgusting to many, it tastes really nice. You should never judge Chinese food by its look. made from fresh Tofu, which is marinated in prepared brine for a day or two. It can be served deep fried or with hot sauce and pickled cabbage.


  1. Similar to Chinese dumplings, 包子 (bāo zi) Steamed Stuffed Buns are steamed with pork and/or vegetable stuffings. They are steamed in special steaming trays made of bamboo. According to difference of its stuffing, the flavor varies a lot.


  1. 麻辣烫 (má là tànɡ) is another popular type of street food which is similar to Chinese Hot Pot. It is a Sichuan specialty, but now has spread its influence throughout the country. The Chinese hot pot has a history of more than 1,000 years. As we can tell from its name, it has a strong flavor of “Numb, Spicy and Hot”.


Do you know what they look like? See Chinese street foods in pictures!

There are certainly a lot more Chinese street snacks that you may also find amazing. They are right there are waiting for you to encounter! Are you ready to come and taste?

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