Why Kids Need to Learn Chinese

Should I be thinking about teaching my kids Chinese? This is a question asked by many parents. If you consider the following facts, you will find it’s not difficult to find the answer.

It is a trend that people speak more than one language in the future. Other than one’s own mother language, it’s necessary to pick up a second language for better communication with the world. And learning Chinese is never a bad choice!

kids learning Chinese

Kids Learning Chinese

Most people around the world learn more than one language, and over one billion people speak Mandarin. (Only about 480 million people speak English.) Besides being one of the world's most common languages, Mandarin is quickly becoming the world's most popular second language. According to Wiki, an estimated 40 million people were studying Chinese as a second language around the world at the end of 2008. Isn't it cool to be one of them who are able to start a conversation in Chinese?

Learning Chinese at a younger age is better not only because toddlers master language faster than adults, but because it can help students better compete at school. Kids who master Chinese tend to find other academic subjects become easier, because by comparison Chinese is a more challenging subject. It’s not uncommon for students who have been studying Chinese to get into honors and advanced-level classes.

Besides, learning Chinese also opens a door for your kids. China is flourishing, offering many business opportunities for someone who speaks the language. Kids who learn Chinese today are setting themselves up to take advantage of these opportunities in the future.

Learning Chinese early can influence a child’s entire academic career, and being fluent by the time they’re applying to universities can really distinguish a teen from their competition.

The benefits of kids learning Chinese are many, but there should be sufficient overall thinking before setting off your kids to learn Chinese, such as kids’ interest in the language, future development, time, etc.

Tips for Kids Learning Chinese

There is no doubt that more and more toddlers are learning Chinese, but the ways they learn may vary. Some tend to go to local schools, some like to learn Chinese online instead, while others take advantage of the vast online resources like videos, podcasts, etc.

Here are some of the best tips for teaching your kids Chinese:

  • Pronunciation is key when it comes to learning Chinese. If you want to be able to speak it with a native accent, the earlier you start, the better. For children, it would be best if they could start learning before the age of 12.
  • Learning Chinese through videos. Kids are more easily attracted by sound and pictures. From this perspective, teaching your kids Chinese by watching interesting and fun cartoon videos turn out a good idea.
  • Study Chinese yourself! Make a continuous effort to improve your language skills as well. This let your children feel they are not alone in the journey of mastering Chinese and have more confidence. Another benefit of studying Chinese yourself is to improve your intimate parent-children relationship. You can have common dialogues with your children (focus on commands, household objects, animals, etc.) Both of you can improve through communication and interaction.
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    Kids Taking Skype Chinese Lessons

    Take Mandarin Classes Online

    If you are considering Chinese lessons for kids, you can apply for an online demo lesson, offered free by MeetMandarin. We help your kids receive systematic training on Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. Class topics are designed using practical dialogues starting with the topics on kids' daily life.

    Features of kids’ Chinese class:

  • 1-on-1 Chinese lesson
  • Customized on individual basis
  • Personalized study plans
  • Interesting and fun topics
  • Songs, stories, games, flashcards and more
  • Professional and experienced teachers
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