Useful Tips for Learning Chinese

Chinese Pronunciation Guide

Chinese Pronunciation Guide for Beginners

If you've just started learning Mandarin Chinese, you need to put a lot of effort into pronunciation. It will help you in both speaking and listening.

Chinese sentence structure

Top 5 Basic Chinese Sentence Structures

Chinese is a highly pattern-based language. Knowing these structures will surely enable you to converse more efficiently in Chinese.

Most Popular Chinese Words Top 10

Most Popular Chinese Words 2016

In this article, we will sum up the 10 most popular and frequently used catchphrases and internet buzzwords and study their meanings, origins and usages.

Learn Chinese Characters

All You Need to Know about Chinese Characters

Learning Chinese characters will not only help you better learn Chinese. Check out some of the most commonly-asked questions about Chinese characters!

WH-questions in Chinese

Learn how to express What, Which, Where, Why, How, etc using WH words in Chinese. Forming a WH question is easier than you think!

二èr” and “两liǎnɡ

Differences Between “二èr” and “两liǎnɡ”

In Chinese, both “二èr” and “两liǎnɡ” have the meaning "2". What are the differences? This article gives you a complete guide on distinguishing the "two" words.

learn Chinese for kids

Why Kids Need to Learn Chinese

Thinking about teaching your kids Chinese? This article explains why kids need to learn Chinese at an early age, and give you some ideas about kids learning Chinese online.

How to Start a Conversation in Chinese

How to Start a Conversation in Chinese

You can always start a conversation with 你吃了吗?, but this phrase is more commonly used among people who are familiar with each other. How do you start conversations with Chinese people on initial stage?

不 bù VS 没 méi

不 bù VS 没 méi

不 bù and 没 méi both express negative meanings in sentences. What are their differences? This article teaches you how to use them correctly!

都 Dou

都, 都不, 不都

In some sentences, we can see “都 dōu”, “都不 dōubù” and “不都 bùdōu”. What are the differences among these three Adverbs? How do you use them correctly?

Asking and Giving Directions

10 Useful Chinese Phrases for Asking for and Giving Directions

Traveling to China can be quite an amazing adventure, but if you want to be sure to see everything on your list, you need to know how to ask directions in Chinese.