meetmandarin review

Rebecca, U.K

My teacher is always enthusiastic about teaching me Chinese and the class is always well prepared. And I gotta say that the Student Service is a great team always. Xiexie Nimen!

meetmandarin review

Michael, U.S.

Ni men hao! I like how meetmandarin's class works for me. I can work directly with my academic advisor to set up the class hours several weeks in advance. It's pretty flexible and convenient!

meetmandarin review

David, Australia

In my case, the problem is the pronunciation, but I solved this problem with the 1-on-1 lessons. MeetMandarin helps me a lot in learning mandarin Chinese.

meetmandarin review

Shane Broesky, Canada

My daughter has been learning Chinese with meetmandarin for quite a while. Her teacher is very patient and responsible. It helps her a lot that she can take lessons with a native teacher from China.

meetmandarin review

Linda Costello, Ireland

It is a great experience! Having 1-on-1 Chinese classes online with teachers from China makes me feel that China is not so far away. The service is so professional and customer focused. My teacher encouraged me to speak out and gave me confidence when I was not doing well.

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